Antenna Beam Steering
Mechanical Beam Steering
Ka-Band Antenna with electronic beam steering for GEO applications (LISAes 50 YB 1113)

NTP‘s Microwave Rotary Joint
2-DoF for Ka-Band
(EM for 23,2 GHz and 27,5 GHz)

Designed for extremely low losses and good isolation for all rotation angles.
Compatible for use in the TUM steering mechanism
2-degrees of freedom steering
Mechanism designed by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with support from NTP

NTP Ingenieure GmbH & Co.KG
for Development of Satellite Antennas, Space-realated Hardware and Project Support
Liquid Crystal Phase Shifters for Electronic Beam Steering (LISAes 50 YB 1113)
Breadboard for Liquid Crystal Phase Shifters
Development in cooperation with the Technical University Darmstadt
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